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Coda wave interferometry for corrosion monitoring

University of Lille, INRAE and Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France have so far published two papers regarding the use of coda wave interferometry for the monitoring of corrosion. The abstracts and links to the publications can be found here.


Monitoring saltwater corrosion of steel using ultrasonic coda wave interferometry with temperature control

Assessing corrosion is crucial in the petrochemical and marine industries. Usual ultrasonic methods based on pulse-echo and guided waves to detect corrosion lack of precision and struggle in structures with a complex shape. In this paper, a complementary and sensitive ultrasonic method based on coda wave interferometry is presented to detect and quantigy thickness loss caused by saltwater corrosion of a steel sample.

You can find the whole paper here.


Monitoring of generalised corrosion: Ultrasonic coda wave interferometry technique applied to steel corrosion in aqueous NaCl solutions

This paper investigates a Non-Destructive Testing based on ultrasonic Coda Wave Interferometry technique to determine if it can be an efficient way to continuously and quantitatively measure the thickness loss due to corrosion on an S355 grade steel in 3wt% NaCl distilled water.

You can find the whole paper here.

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