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Industrial sites

The first demonstration will be at a wastewater treatment plant. Sensors will be relocated every month to cover the complete flow of water in the sanitation installation (influx of aerobic wastewater, anaerobic phase, aerobic sedimentation).

The second demonstration will be placed at a large chemical plant in the process water delivery line which feeds processes that are very sensitive to corrosion, such as the steam-water system in boilers. 

At a port

The challenge of these locations are the ebb and flow and the impact of chloride on the SOCORRO application (e.g., soldering points of the system can endure corrosion). The measuring locations will probably be characterized by seasonal changes and less by sudden environmental changes. The 5 measuring locations are spread out over the region, to be representative for any future measuring location at the North Sea: Shoreham, Newhaven, Den Helder, Vlissingen and Oostende.

Offshore energy

Because of the likelihood of sensor failure, manual measurements will be performed in addition to the monitoring set-up, guaranteeing the availability of a limited, but useable data set. Primary testing of the SOCORRO application will be performed on the Blue Accelerator (offshore platform 500m off the coast of Ostend), possibly expanded with measurements in an offshore windfarm.

On a ship

Conditions in a ballast tank will be linked to actual measurements with steel thickness sensors (installed in the ship). Attention will be paid to the practicality of the setup (to avoid interference with normal ship's operations). To have proper access to the demos, older ships which spend a longer time in port will be used whenever possible, at least during one of the different test cycles.

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