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Introducing our researchers - Cyril Nicard

Bijgewerkt op: 7 jun. 2023

My name is Cyril Nicard, I am French and 30 years old. I was born near Bordeaux in the South-West of France and spent the majority of my childhood and youth there. In January 2021 I was recruited by the University of Lille, France to work on the INTERREG SOCORRO project. By bringing expertise on the corrosion mechanisms I have been contributing to the development of an ultrasonic sensor in Valenciennes.

Curiosity is my greatest strength. It drives me through life. It guided me in my studies up to my PhD in material sciences and it continues to lead the way in my research work to date. My academic studies gave me a solid background in material science while my PhD focused on understanding the corrosion mechanisms of protective coatings for steel. Additionally, my personal interest brought me to learn about a wide range of disciplines like electronics, programming, 3D printing and modelling that are useful in my everyday work. Gradually I have become handy and crafty by prototyping scientific experiments and using and modifying complex equipment.

After my PhD, in 2019 I took some months to travel to New Zealand and Japan. This was a very enriching opportunity as it allowed me to improve my English language skills, gave me valuable experience of adapting to and evolving in new and vastly contrasting cultures. This has enabled me to become a better team player as I find multicultural environments intensely stimulating, I am supportive and I bring my resourcefulness to all the groups that I join.

Thus, when I was interviewed for a job to work on corrosion study in a multicultural European environment, with people with different expertise like electronics, simulation, etc, I was thrilled. Working in SOCORRO is a good opportunity for me to integrate my key technical and personal experience. What I like the most in my activities in this project is to create complex a experimental setup that will give us the information needed to understand what’s chemically or physically happening during corrosion and contribute to SOCORRO.

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