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Introducing our researchers - Ingrid Proriol Serre

Bijgewerkt op: 7 jun. 2023

As I was born near the Atlantic, I developed a keen interest in sailing boats. This motivated me study of the tribocorrosion phenomena in sea water for my PhD-thesis. I am Ingrid Proriol Serre and I have worked as a researcher of the French National Centre for Scientific Research for over 18 years at UMET laboratory, University of Lille, France. I have been studying the mechanical properties of the and analysising the damage caused on metals by coupling effect using analyses by microscopies especially Atomic Force Microscopy.

My research concerns understanding the damage like corrosion caused to the metal due to environments and mechanical loading by observing the changes in the microstructure of the metallic alloys. To the SOCORRO project I bring the experimental approach that I have developed using electrochemical corrosion tests and observations by SEM, EDX-SEM, ToF-SIMS to analyse the damage on micro structures of metal. In addtion to predicting the damage, one of my main goals is to offer suitable microstructures or coatings to prevent corrosion.

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