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Introducing our researchers - Mickael Tessier

Bijgewerkt op: 7 jun. 2023

I am Mickael Tessier, a research scientist focusing on data analysis and technology development. After completing my PhD in physics from Sorbonne University, Paris, I moved to Belgium where I worked for different companies and academic institutions. My natural curiosity and passion for science has steered me to evolve in various fields such as quantum mechanics, chemistry, or nanotechnology. I am currently using my expertise as a Data Scientist to help Cobalt Water Global to grow by supporting R&D projects and developing AI solutions for smarter and more sustainable water management.

In SOCORRO, I am developing AI based risk models for preventing corrosion in water utilities. To understand how experts currently handle corrosion and then, subsequently, to translate this knowledge into a computer language, I am currently reviewing the scientific literature. The prediction of these risk models will then be compared with real-life data to evaluate their accuracy of models. An important part of my job is also to design a user-friendly tool for the future users of the Socorro software. These various technical tasks make my job very interesting; as every day I am solving different puzzles and I love that!

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