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Outreach to school girls

Bijgewerkt op: 23 jun. 2023

On 9 March 2023, the SOCORRO team at the University of Kent organised a full day of outreach activities for the pupils of Dartford Science and Technology College. The Socorro team, including Dr Rocio von Jungenfeld and Oliver Rochford, were joined by year 7 at the Chatham Historic Dockyard for corrosion-related activities and site visits. The Dockyard is located by the river Medway and houses a fleet of historical ships and marine artefacts where traces of corrosion can be observed.

The outreach activities consisted of multiple interactive activities to familiarise the student with science in relation to seawater and corrosion. The day began with a group visit to the Namur Timbers gallery where remains of the Namur ship remain and where also Dr Rocio von Jungenfeld exhibits the Zones of Flow ii, a photo-sensitive AV installation with visual projections.

For the first creative task of the day, students engaged in a stem activity assembling an electric board and creating origami boats resembling the Zones of Flow iii installation. Next students embarked on a corrosion treasure hunt activity. They were provided with a map of the dockyard marking locations where traces of corrosion can be found across the site.

In the afternoon, students gathered in the SSS gallery at the dockyard where the SOCORRO team currently exhibits a number of artefacts and installations in relation to the project and its achievements. At the SSS gallery, the SOCORRO team offered students a number of activities to further familiarise the students with corrosion and its impact on the environment, including a litmus paper experiment, a Virtual Reality experience of an underwater sea environment, an interactive screen featuring SOCORRO scientist, documentary and question cards. At last, students participated in a collective co-design activity where they created collages around the themes of corrosion and seawater environments.

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