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SOCORRO Online Training Course coming soon!

Bijgewerkt op: 7 jun. 2023

A group of scientists from the SOCORRO partners in the UK and EU have contributed to developing an online course which educates on different scientific point of view on corrosion. The course, ‘Combating corrosion: An introduction to SOCORRO’, is due to be launched on Future Learn this year. It extends over two weeks where a number of videos, articles have been put together to inform learners about corrosion and its environmental and economic impact. The course is delivered by scientists working on the SOCORRO project across the UK and the EU universities and science institutions. The first week of the course explains the causes and consequences of corrosion, including global disruptive examples. The second week of the course introduces the scientific experiments and solution developed as part of the SOCORRO project such as hardware, software, data and Artificial Intelligence models used to monitor different parameters and the corrosion.

We invite you to enrol in the course to learn more about corrosion and the SOCORRO project. We’ll be sharing more information about the course soon!

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