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Industrial sites

Greenhouse MBBR

The wastewater treatment installation is located at a greenhouse in Putte (Flanders, Belgium). Tap water is mixed with different fertilizers to maximize plant growth, together with the optimal environment parameters which are well-controlled. The greenhouse in Putte is growing different types of lettuces crops. The water is intensively re-used by the farmers.


Wastewater treatment plant

The industrial wastewater treatment plant being studied for work package 2 is located in Vilvoorde, at the company PB Leiner. PB leiner, also better known as PB gelatins, is a company within the Tessenderlo group that is specialized in the production of gelatin. This gelatin is a key ingredient for candy. Bones from animal origin are brought to PB Leiner by big trucks.

Brent WWTP.png

Chemical plant

BASF has a peculiar corrosion issue. To cool their cooling tower pumps, they use surface water from a nearby source. This water is treated by Evides Industriewater and distributed over the site. The water quality transported through the two water circuits feeding the pumps is identical. However, visual inspection has shown that a different degree of corrosion is observed in the pumping station, depending on which circuit the water comes from.

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